I have a passion to create, to design, to inspire and move people to action through the visual mediums. From a young age, I was always drawing, building, writing or creating something new. I have over 25 years of professional graphic and web design experience, working for everyone from an aerospace company with a security clearance, to small businesses, to large non-profits, to the film and entertainment industry, to friends fulfilling their own dreams of becoming business owners. I’m at my best when I’m thinking creatively and out of the box, turning a “Meh” design into a “Wow!” design, or turning a few written thoughts into a work of art. My strong writing and editing background gives me a solid foundation to tell stories and make an even bigger visual impact.



Spectrum Merchant Services

Elevate Coffee, Phoenix, AZ

SaddleCreek Coffee, Phoenix, AZ

World Changers Petroleum Group, LLC

Liberty Petroleum Trading, LLC

Luxemborg Trading LLC/Grupo Petrotamps DE SA CV

Inkling Entertainment

Walden Media

Theater Works, Peoria, AZ

Terey Summers

CastleBridge Research, Debra Fisher, Ph.D.

Ian Herbst Photography

ReignDown USA

The Salvation Poem Foundation

IOU - Innovative Outreaches United

Tim Wright Ministries

Community Church of Joy, Glendale, AZ

Joy Christian School, Glendale, AZ

Lighthouse Church, Rosemount, MN

Explorers Christian Childcare Center, Rosemount, MN

Aparche Brands

Trinity Falls Church, Minnehaha, MN

Open Arms Church of God, Grasston, MN

Dawn Lundgren Ministries

Cornerstone Church, Walker, MN

Zion LaGrande Church, LaGrande, OR

Prince of Peace Church, Burnsville, MN

City of Joy Rwanda, Rwanda, Africa

Glendale Christmas Parade

Bellevue Heights Church, Sun City, AZ

Ohana Homes, Phoenix, AZ

Boundless Ministries International

Brian Cole commands an unusually wide array of skill sets, a commitment to artistic fidelity, and an easygoing disposition. If you’re wondering if you should hire him, you should.
— Brennan McPherson, VP, The Salvation Poem Foundation, Inc.
I have worked alongside Brian Cole on various projects, and because of that I clearly would not look elsewhere for my design needs. Both of my websites and all of my television pitches have been brought to life by his talents. He is exceptionally creative, original and highly professional. He’s a stand out creative force.
— Terey Summers, Actress & Comedienne
Thank you for the awesome service.
— Rick Braman, Cornerstone Church, Walker, MN
I’ve worked with Brian Cole for many years. He was the media/graphics guru on the staff of our congregation and always gave us some of the highest quality work I’ve seen in any church, let alone any business. For the last few years Brian has been my go-to guy for my work with boys and boys issues. He immediately upped our game with his professional work and his never ending patience with my constant changes.

I highly recommend Brian to you.
— Tim Wright, Founder, Tim Wright Ministries
Revolution Graphics has provided extraordinary service to Bellevue Heights Church in Sun City for the past three years. Brian Cole’s fresh and dynamic approach to graphic art, his deep insight into church life, and his phenomenal artistic talent has provided us amazing resources for worship and outreach. Brian receives and deserves my highest recommendation and thanks!
— David Tomb, Associate Pastor, Bellevue Heights Church, Sun City, AZ